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The Perfect Beach Tent Does Exist

The Perfect Beach Tent Does Exist
The Perfect Beach Tent Does Exist

There’s nothing like a trip to the beach with your family and friends, especially when the weather is clear and warm. Whether you like to swim in the ocean and spend your beach days being active or simply come to relax on the sand, a portable beach tent is essential to get the most out of your experience.

Beach Tents: A Worthy Investment for Regular Beachgoers

Everyone knows that the beach is one of the likeliest places to get a sunburn, especially if you like to spend your visits swimming or playing in the sand. It’s important to have a shaded spot for yourself and your personal items, food, and drinks, as well, so they don’t spoil or end up damaged. You also never know when the weather could take a turn for the worst, damaging your valuables with sudden winds or rain.

Beach tents can also provide helpful protection from seagulls that like to swoop down and steal snacks left exposed on an open towel or blanket.

As such, investing in a high-quality beach tent is essential for anyone who visits the beach regularly.

Who Are Beach Tents For? 

A great beach tent is an asset for any avid beachgoer. It can help protect kids’ sensitive skin from too much sun exposure, and it will also provide plenty of space for adults to lounge and enjoy some snacks and drinks while staying protected. Even your pup is welcome to take a breather in your beach tent in between rounds of fetch and running through the waves.

Upgrade Your Beach Experience With the Wedge Beach & Sports Tent

Now that you understand everything a beach tent can do for beach enthusiasts, you need to know which tent is best for a trip to the shore. At E-Z UP, there’s one obvious answer: the Wedge Beach & Sport Tent™

The Wedge has everything a beach lover could need, including all of the durability and long-lasting strength you know and love from all of our other tents, and it also offers plenty of room with measurements of 95” x 51” x 52”. 

As for what makes it so optimal for use on the beach, join us as we dive deep into some of the Wedge Beach & Sport Tent’s specific features that make it stand out from the rest:

UV Protection 

Imagine a beach tent that could help your sunscreen protect your skin from sunburn. With the Wedge Beach & Sport Tent, it’s possible, as the tent is made with an effective UV protection coating, capable of blocking up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. 

Easy One-Pull Setup

No one wants to spend too much time setting up their tent when the ocean is calling, and luckily, the Wedge Beach & Sport Tent features a one-pull setup, which makes putting up your tent quick and easy. In fact, just a single person can handle setup in seconds, which means you can bring the tent along on your solo beach trip without having to worry about handling too many things on your own. 


When most people come to the beach, they’ve got all kinds of belongings in tow, including toys, watersports equipment, snacks, drinks, and towels. The last thing they need is a hefty tent weighing them down between their car and the perfect spot on the sand. That’s not an issue with the Wedge Beach & Sport Tent, as it only weighs four pounds and can even be stored in the included travel bag for easy transport. 

Sand Pockets

Most beachgoers know that keeping a tent stable on the beach can be a struggle: The sand itself can be uneven, which makes attaching the frame of a tent to the ground challenging, and a strong sea breeze can kick up on even the nicest of days, putting your tent at risk of toppling over.

The Wedge Beach & Sport Tent deals with these common issues in a unique way: It is designed with sand pockets on both sides of its opening. When you set up the tent, scoop some handfuls of sand into each one, and they’ll become effective weights for your tent, ensuring your temporary shelter is sure to stand strong against a moderate ocean breeze!

Interior Storage

You shouldn’t have to worry about your belongings staying safe and secure while you’re enjoying the sand and surf, and that’s why the Wedge is designed with interior storage pockets. Here, you can stow away precious items like your keys, wallet, and cell phone to ensure that they’re kept safe from the elements or theft. 

Find a Beach Tent You’ll Love at E-Z UP

You’ll never need another beach tent after trying out the Wedge Beach & Sport Tent. Check it out — alongside all of our other canopy tents and camping cubes.

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