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5 Restart Tips For Every Small Business

Most businesses have been seriously impacted by this pandemic, and small businesses have taken the hardest hit.  Despite stimulus packages and relief measures, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are left asking, “what now?”  Adapting to this unanticipated “new normal” will be challenging.  Push forward and find a path to growth.  These easy to execute tips will get your creative juices flowing.

26 day ago


Lobsterdamus, a Southern California based pop-up restaurant started in 2014 and quickly became a favorite among those exploring the exploding culinary scene of Los Angeles.  Regulars quickly got used to passersby asking if they could IG photos of a stranger’s dinner, all too often the sizzling “Lobster Nest”, easily their most popular dish – mesquite grilled Maine Lobster over a bed of garlic noodles.


There were many reasons for the founders of Lobsterdamus to be optimistic.  That was until the coronavirus began to spread across our nation, and festivals and concerts were cancelled one-by-one.  This gastronomic darling lost its customers overnight along with so many others, but they responded.  There were many in need all around them and numerous ways they could pivot. 

1 month ago

In-N-Out serving at the Extended Care Hospital of Riverside

In-N-Out serving at the Extended Care Hospital of Riverside for Nursing Week. Featured shelter Endeavor™ 10' x 10' Aluminum Shelter.
1 month ago

Alabama Department of Public Health

Staff nurses with the Alabama Department of Public Health wait to screen residents at a coronavirus testing site.

1 month ago

E-Z UP focuses on helping hospitals, government agencies, and emergency services

It is our goal right now as a company to help federal, state, and county medical staff and emergency responders with medical containment products so they can expand testing and treatment capacity.
1 month ago

Vehicles line up at a "Grab & Go"

Vehicles line up at a "Grab & Go" stop to get free school meals provided by the Los Angeles Unified District at the Virgil Middle School station Los Angeles.
2 months ago

A note from our CEO on COVID-19

The world is facing an outbreak of historic proportion right now. Like so many, we at International E-Z UP have been closely monitoring the latest news related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are very concerned with the recent progression of the number of reported cases. As always, our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, partners and customers.
3 months ago

6 Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Pop-Up Canopy Tent for Your Event

Pop-Up Canopy tents are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that any size entity can own. Whether you're looking for protection from the wind and UV rays or as a way to make sure your brand stands out, a pop-up canopy tent can do that and so much more! Before you can enjoy your tent, you have to make sure you are choosing the right one. Let's take a look at the 6 things to consider when looking for the ideal pop-up tent for your event!

4 months ago

Trade Show 101, Part II: The Power of Branded Marketing Materials

In the first of this two-part series, we discussed how to design your trade show booth to maximize your brand's reach and the importance of designating a specific area with a table and custom directors chairs to close business deals. We also touched on the importance of customization. In the second, and final part of this series, we are going to dive deeper into how E-Z UP customization can make your brand explosive!

4 months ago

Trade Show 101, Part I: Designing Your Canopy Tent, Directors Chairs & Much More!

Trade shows are one of the best ways for brands to get their name out there to potential customers and keep a leg-up on the competition. They have an incredible influence on consumer intent. These important events allow companies to test new products, get feedback on new ideas and strategies, train potential consumers on how their product works, and get their brand in front of both new and existing consumers. It is a great marketing strategy because a significant portion of your target audience is one place. The key is to present a highly customized display that resonates with your audience.

5 months ago