The Freedom83™ is the culmination of four decades of experience and American ingenuity. Assembled in California with top-quality, U.S. made materials, this shelter delivers instant protection in demanding environments, making it ideal for first responders, military, and industrial safety applications.

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The Original E-Z UP® Blog

Freedom83™ American Made. For You.

Created in a Southern California garage in 1983, E-Z UP® is the leading global supplier of pop-up shelter solutions. Customers worldwide continue to appreciate the pride and dedication we infuse into our lineup of American-made products. When you think integrity, think E-Z UP: American Made. For You.

5 days ago

Don't Let the Cold Interrupt Your Camping Trip This Winter

Winter is a beautiful time to go camping. The campsites are less crowded, there are fewer bugs, and the views can be spectacular. There are hurdles to having a great winter camping experience, but most of them can be avoided or overcome with some planning and equipment. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your trip.

3 months ago

Why Schools Need E-Z Up Shelters for Outdoor Activities and Social Distancing

Never have schools been under more pressure to hold lessons and lunch outdoors. Sending children back to school has been a difficult challenge for parents, teachers, and administrators alike. Naturally, we all want to keep children and staff safe from viral exposure while also providing a valuable education each day of class. Classroom design and old HVAC units are currently the biggest challenges to maintaining a safe airflow with student classes today. Scientifically, the least infectious place to hold class, lunch, and any other student body gathering is outdoors.

3 months ago

Personalize Your Food Festival Stall Tent

When setting up at farmer's markets, food festivals, and other events, it's essential to have an appealing and eye-catching stall. You're competing with many different vendors, making it necessary to stand out. Choosing the right tent and setup can mean the difference between attracting crowds and having people pass by your stall. Let's look at some ideas and products that can help you attract more customers.

4 months ago

Vendor Tents for Farmers' Markets | Pro Tips & Staging Ideas

E-Z Up has the finest food vendor tents on the market and is perfect for use at state fairs where you might need to protect yourself from the sun or the rain. No matter what size or style of shelter you need, E-Z UP has you covered with their variety of portable shelters perfect for use as a food stall. All E-Z UP tents feature outstanding durability and lasting reinforcement and can be customized to make your food festival stall ideas come to life. E-Z UP tents are useful for food vendor tents and can be reused for trade shows, curbside pickup, backyards, etc.


4 months ago

What Types of Pop-Up Tents are Best for Festivals?

Your business has perhaps spent considerable time selling wares at farmers' markets or other festivals in recent years. Being outdoors, you probably encountered some significant problems with the weather as just one of many.

4 months ago

Perks of Ordering a Custom Tent with E-Z UP

With a combination of excellent customer service, an award-winning printing team, and on-site custom tent flexibility, E-Z UP is the leading, best-in-class shelter tent in the industry. 

4 months ago

Celebrate The 2021 Fun-Filled Olympics With A Patriotic Tent

Spectators, both local and international, have been banned from attending the Tokyo Olympics. But that's not stopping fans from supporting their favorite sport from the comfort of their own home. With a patriotic USA custom shelter tent, fans can cheer their favorite players during the Olympics. 

6 months ago