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Dezign Center

Does your business need a custom tent for outdoor events? Draw attention to your brand while distinguishing yourself from competitors with a stylish, personalized tent. Prominently displaying your company's logo on your fully customized tent will help set you apart. It may be just what you need to elevate your brand in the public's eye. The E-Z UP Dezign Center allows customers to design customized products that suit their needs. Our award-winning in-house printing has won the prestigious SGIA Golden Image Awards for 7 years straight. That translates to outstanding products that are sure to please.

Exceptional Printing By Design

Photo-quality digital graphics in vivid full color will draw attention to your custom tent. Combine high-quality graphics with a durable tent that you'll be proud to say is yours.

Print Options

You can choose to personalize peaks, valances, and sidewalls. You can also select the colors you want to get your message across.

Vented Pyramid Shelters

If your shelter is often crowded or the heat is exceptionally bad, a vented shelter is the way to go. These shelters allow excess heat to dissipate through the vented roof rather than collecting beneath it.

Available Accessories

Add accessories such as director chairs, vendor table covers, hanging banners, blade sports flags, or sidewalls. Each of these accessories can be fully customized to match or coordinate with your personalized tent.

Available Accessories

This upgraded Shelter package is ideal for entrepreneurs, vendors, small businesses, or local organizations. The 3 walls and 100 square feet of cool, stylish interior space work well for concession stands and farmer's markets or street fair vendors.

Replacement Tops

Has your canopy tent lost its top due to high winds, storms, or other unforeseen circumstances? E-Z UP offers a high-quality, customizable replacement top as a solution to an otherwise perfectly good frame with a missing top.

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  1. Custom Pyramid™ Vented Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $298.50
  2. Custom Eclipse™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $675.75
  3. Custom Vantage™ 10' x 20' Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $637.50
  4. Custom Vantage™ Package
    Special Price Total price: $1,285.00
  5. Custom Eclipse™ Shelter 10' x 15'
    Special Price Total price: $889.50
  6. Custom Pyramid™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $276.00
  7. Rectangle Flag
    Starting at Total price: $264.00
  8. Custom Vantage™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $360.00
  9. Custom ES100S™ Shelter Value Pack
    Special Price Total price: $449.00
  10. Custom Eclipse™ Package
    Special Price Total price: $1,644.00
  11. Custom Express™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $567.00
  12. Custom Endeavor™ USA 10' x 10'
    Special Price Total price: $1,201.50
  13. Custom Dome® 10' x 10' Shelter
    Out of Stock
  14. Custom Endeavor™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $893.25
  15. Blade Sport Flag
    Starting at Total price: $290.00
  16. Custom Director Chairs
    Starting at Total price: $171.00
  17. Custom Vendor Table Cover
    Special Price Total price: $212.00
  18. Custom Professional Sidewall
    Starting at Total price: $355.00
  19. Custom Eclipse™ Replacement Top
    Starting at Total price: $479.00
Grid List

21 Items

Set Descending Direction