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Day At The Beach

Are you planning a family beach trip and looking for a way to limit your sun exposure? A 10' x 10' beach tent may offer a solution. With a beach canopy tent, you can bring a little shade with you to the sand. The E-Z UP beach tents are easy to put up in a matter of minutes, and your family has some shade to enjoy a meal or to read your book without worrying about burning.

These durable beach tents come in a variety of colors so you can find your favorite or select a unique color so you can always find your way back to it on a crowded beach. These tents come with a spike kit so you can sink the poles into the sand more easily. You also get a carrying bag to make it easier to handle at the shore and pack away after your family beach trip.

If you want a little more privacy, you can opt for a camping cube or a screen cube that offers four walls and an easy-access door that you can zip closed to keep the bugs away while you eat. A camping cube offers more privacy and a quieter experience if you have small children who need a nap before splashing in the waves again. You can even get one with windows to keep an eye on older children playing in the surf.

Add deluxe weight bags and a stake kit to your canopy to ensure it doesn't blow away in the breeze off the ocean. These items help to make your family beach trip more relaxing and stress-free. A gear shelf or gear loft helps to organize your essentials, such as sunscreen, bug spray, and first-aid kit, and keeps them off the ground. These items attach easily to the inside of your beach canopy tent or camping cube.

Wondering how you're going to get all of your gear to the perfect spot on the sand? E-Z UP GearRunner folding wagon is up to the task. It has a long handle and thick, sturdy tires designed to move easily on rough terrains, such as sand. There is plenty of room for your beach tent, toys, snacks, and an ice chest. Once you find a spot and set up your tent, you can fold the wagon and store it in a small area.

Commander director's chairs offer you a comfy place to sit with an attached table for your essentials. There is a space for your drink, and you can use the rest of the area for snacks, a magazine, and sunscreen.

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  1. Gear Loft™ Combo Kit
    Total price: $24.00
  2. Eclipse™ Shelter
    Starting at Total price: $689.00
  3. Vantage™ 10' x 10' Shelter
    Starting at Total price: $263.00
  4. Ambassador™
    Starting at Total price: $139.00
  5. Gear Shelf™
    Total price: $27.00
  6. Pyramid™ 10' x 10' Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $174.00
  7. Vista™ Shelter
    Starting at Total price: $165.00
  8. Express™ 10' x 10' Aluminum Shelter
    Starting at Total price: $509.00
  9. Recreational Sidewalls
    Starting at Total price: $30.00
  10. Recreational Sidewall with Mesh Window
    Starting at Total price: $54.00
  11. Recreational Half Wall
    Starting at Total price: $26.00
  12. GearRunner™ Folding Wagon
    Total price: $144.00
  13. Deluxe Weight Bags - 45 lbs
    Starting at Total price: $89.00
  14. Heavy-Duty Stake Kit
    Starting at Total price: $44.00
  15. Accessory Tote
    Starting at Total price: $6.00
  16. Dome® 10' x 10' Shelter
    Starting at Total price: $169.00
  17. Low Sling Chair
    Starting at Total price: $39.99
  18. Wedge™ Beach & Sport Tent
    Starting at Total price: $79.99
Grid List

24 Items

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