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Whether you're planning a family camping trip or a weekend in the woods with friends, you need shelter and all the accessories to have a fun and safe time. With a camping cube, you have a place to sleep at night and shelter from the weather. These camping tents assemble in a few minutes, and you can add deluxe weights and durable stakes to keep them in place as you move around or when the wind whips up.

These camping cubes offer extra-wide doors so you can easily enter with your sleeping bags and equipment. The windows on each side let you see outside without opening the netting that keeps the bugs outside. If you're camping trip is in the middle of the summer, you may want a cube that offers more airflow to keep you cool while you sleep or relax. The screen cube tents offers you shelter while providing an easy way for the breeze to help you keep cooler on a hot night.

Maybe you want to sleep on the ground under the star and just need a shelter during the day for shade. In that case, you need a 10' x 10' shelter with a canopy top. These shelters offer a respite from the sun while you eat or need to get out of the rain but don't want a tent. These shelters come with a carrying bag so you can easily store it if you're using a tent too. With a high roof, these canopy shelters offer plenty of space for chairs and tables.

While camping is about spending time in nature, you don't need to sit on the ground. You can bring the Commander director's chairs or AllSport folding chairs. These seats are designed with comfort and durability in mind. Both the folding chairs and director's chairs come with extra padding and support where you need it and space for drinks and essentials. Both chair options offer a durable and strong aluminum frame to stand up to your athletic friends.

Toss in a few accessories to make your family camping trip more enjoyable. With the link lighting system, you can spend time together later into the night without tripping over sleeping bags or cooler every time you need to move. With a gear loft or shelf, you have a place to safely store items out of the walkway and off the ground.

You may be thinking that you're going to need to make a dozen trips between the car and campsite with all this equipment, but E-Z Up has you covered. With a GearRunner folding wagon, your life is going to be easy. With an extra-long handle and wide, tough wheels, this wagon moves your essentials from the car to the campsite. The design and wheel structure makes it a snap to navigate hiking trails.

At E-Z Up, we're focused on our customers. From all the gear you want to our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, we make it easy to buy your camping trip necessities with confidence. Shop E-Z UP camping products today! Contact us today to place an order.

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  1. Vista™ Shelter & Camping Cube™ Sport Bundle
    Special Price Total price: $268.00
  2. Dome® Shelter & Camping Cube™ Sport Bundle
    Special Price Total price: $318.00
  3. Camping Cube™ 6.4
    Special Price Total price: $202.30
  4. Screen Cube, 10'(3m) Straight Leg,w/ CB, Gray
    Special Price Total price: $139.30
  5. Screen Cube, 10'(3m) Angled Leg,w/ CB, Gray
    Special Price Total price: $111.30
  6. Dome® 10' x 10' Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $167.30
  7. AllSport Outdoor Folding
    Special Price Total price: $62.30
  8. Chair, Commander Outdoor, E-Z UP, Blue
    Special Price Total price: $55.30
  9. E-Z UP GearRunner, Wide Wheeled Wagon, Blue
    Special Price Total price: $153.30
  10. Wedge™ Tent & GearRunner™ Wagon Package
    Special Price Total price: $222.60
Grid List

12 Items

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