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Promo Products

E-Z UP® is your one-stop shop for promotional products that are customizable, durable, and made with high-quality materials that will last. Find the perfect promo products and event supplies for unbeatable prices, from banners, umbrellas, and table covers to chairs, tables, shelters, and even pop-up walls.

Why Choose E-Z UP® Promotional Products?

E-Z UP® has been the industry leader in promo products and more since 1983. Known for our innovative, easy-to-use, instant solutions, we also offer in-house custom printing, award-winning digital printing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Enjoy peace of mind with free replacement parts for an entire year on all of our professional products, along with exceptional service and fast shipping from E-Z UP®, and see why everyone from everyday campers to startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies trust our products.

Shelters, Sidewalls, Umbrellas, Railskirts, and More

Whether you need a shelter, table covers or table skirts, runners, banners, flags, or even floor stickers or umbrellas, E-Z UP® has exactly what you need.


Turn your shelter into a proper exhibit space with the E-Z UP® double-sided Endeavor rail skirts or a professional rail skirt, both made of professional-grade fabric and available in more than a dozen colors.

Set-up and take-down are a breeze, thanks to our new push-button pin release design. Enjoy years of use with the improved design, steel support hardware, and locking center support leg.


Our E-Z UP® instant shelters are customizable and resistant to fire, water, mildew, and UV rays. Frames for our shelters are high-grade strong steel and offer various height settings.

Check out E-Z UP®'s popular Custom Vantage™ Package and the Custom Eclipse™ Package, which include a customized shelter, director chair, and table with cover. The E-Z UP® Pyramid™ Vented Shelter is another popular option, and don't forget the ceiling liner!

The 13' Endeavor™ sidewall is a popular option for enhancing your Endeavor™ shelter.

Table Covers, Runners, and Skirts

Make use of every bit of promo space with table covers, runners, and customizable skirts available in dozens of colors and options. We have stretch-fit table covers, instant table skirts, custom vendor table covers, and runners.

Flags, Banners, and Umbrellas

E-Z UP® is the best source for teardrop flags, pop-up banners, tee dividers, corner flags, hanging banners, and blade sport flags. We also have the best selection of commercial umbrellas like the ProUmbrella square or hex, available with or without a valance.

Promo Tables and Chairs

Try the ITSY table system when you need a modular display table that's sturdy yet lightweight and sets up in seconds. Available in two different sizes, it's the ideal promo table that can support hundreds of pounds.

Our chair options include AllSport outdoor folding chairs, commander director chairs, tall director chairs, and low sling chairs, among others.

E-Z UP® Promotional Products and Event Supplies

E-Z UP® is the go-to company for all things promotional. When you need your event space to stand up to the rigors of multiple set-ups and take-downs while still representing your space beautifully at events, you need E-Z UP. Place your order today!

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  1. Custom Vantage™ Package
    Special Price Total price: $1,285.00
  2. Custom ES100S™ Shelter Value Pack
    Special Price Total price: $430.00
  3. Custom Eclipse™ Package
    Special Price Total price: $1,644.00
  4. Rectangle Flag
    Out of Stock
  5. Blade Sport Flag
    Starting at Total price: $290.00
  6. Grab & Go Table Cover
    Starting at Total price: $84.00
  7. Endeavor™ 13’ Sidewall
    Starting at Total price: $199.00
  8. Hanging Banners - Custom Single Sided
    Special Price Total price: $199.00
  9. Pop Up Display Wall
    Starting at Total price: $989.00
  10. AllSport Outdoor Folding
    Special Price Total price: $69.00
  11. Chair, Commander Outdoor, E-Z UP, Blue
    Special Price Total price: $69.00
  12. Hanging Banners - Custom Double Sided
    Starting at Total price: $167.00
  13. Directors Chair
    Starting at Total price: $119.00
  14. ProUmbrella™ - Hex with Valance
    Out of Stock
  15. Table Runner
    Total price: $81.00
  16. Stretch Fit Table Covers
    Starting at Total price: $329.00
  17. Instant Table™ Skirts
    Starting at Total price: $133.00
  18. Custom Vendor Table Cover
    Special Price Total price: $212.00
  19. Endeavor Double-Sided Railskirt 15'
    Starting at Total price: $295.00
  20. Endeavor Railskirt 15'
    Starting at Total price: $281.00
  21. Professional Railskirt
    Starting at Total price: $179.00
  22. Floor Decal, 12" Circle
    Out of Stock
    Floor Decal, 12" Circle
    Total price: $23.00
  23. Ceiling Liner, 10', Digital
    Total price: $426.00
  24. Ceiling Sail, Digital
    Total price: $138.00
  25. Pop Up Banner
    Starting at Total price: $229.00
  26. Tear Drop
    Out of Stock
  27. Slim Blade Flag
    Out of Stock
Grid List

67 Items

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