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Health & Safety

At E-Z UP®, we are proud to support healthcare workers and the health and safety industry by providing high-quality products that you can rely on. We know standards are high in the medical world, and only the best will do. That's why we work tirelessly to source the best materials, implement the best manufacturing practices, and get every little detail of your order perfect. We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you'll never be left unhappy or disappointed.

E-Z UP® Top Tent’s Accessories for The Healthcare Industry

Learn about some of our most popular products for businesses in the medical and health industry.


Whether you run a pharmacy that offers curbside pickup or a pop-up vaccine clinic that is always on the move, E-Z UP® has the medical tents you'll need to succeed. E-Z UP® offers tents and canopies in various shapes and sizes. So whether you need a simple square tent or an extended rectangular canopy for drive-up services, you can find it in our product line. Our super durable, waterproof tents are also ideal emergency shelter tents.


Flags make it easy to design tents for specific purposes, such as screening, check-in, or waiting areas. E-Z UP® offers flags in various shapes and sizes, including tent-mounted flags and free-standing options. All of our flags are fully customizable, super easy to set up, and made from nylon or polyester, depending on your specific flag.


Wall and floor decals can prove to be invaluable. Floor decals direct people where to stand, while wall decals can provide pertinent information about operation hours, testing procedures, insurance requirements, and more. These simple items can help everything run a little smoother and save you from repeating yourself constantly. No matter what you want your decals to say, our award-winning printing services and unlimited proofs ensure your decals come out precisely the way you imagined.


Sidewalls are an attachment that can be added to canopy tents to enclose the area and create a medical tent. Some sidewalls are made of a solid sheet of material, while others are split down the middle to create a doorway or feature mesh windows for improved ventilation. E-Z UP® zippered sidewalls feature heavy-duty zipper systems that won't snag, fray, or separate after just a few days of use. No matter what kind of sidewall you need, the quick attachment truss clips on E-Z UP® sidewalls make it easy to clip right onto any of our tents of the same size.


E-Z UP® has everything you need to create a smooth and seamless setup and breakdown process. From extra stakes to carrying bags and wagons, there's no need to look elsewhere for your tent accessories. We even have lighting systems for emergency tents so you can operate beyond regular daylight hours.

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  1. Vantage™ 10' x 20' Shelter
    Starting at Total price: $749.00
  2. Custom Vantage™ 10' x 20' Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $723.00
  3. Vantage™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $319.00
  4. Custom Vantage™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $408.00
  5. Endeavor™ 13’ Sidewall
    Starting at Total price: $199.00
  6. Endeavor™ 13’ Sidewall with Mesh Window
    Starting at Total price: $209.00
  7. Endeavor™
    Special Price Total price: $944.00
  8. Custom Endeavor™ Shelter
    Out of Stock
  9. Endeavor™ Vinyl Shelter
    Out of Stock
  10. Endeavor™ 13’ x 13’
    Starting at Total price: $1,761.00
  11. Endeavor™ 10' x 20'
    Special Price Total price: $1,870.00
  12. Eclipse™ Shelter
    Special Price Total price: $713.00
  13. Endeavor™ Food Booth Mid Zip Sidewall
    Out of Stock
  14. Work Cube Eclipse Kit, Limeade
    Total price: $1,812.00
  15. Hanging Banners - Custom Single Sided
    Special Price Total price: $199.00
  16. Endeavor™ Vinyl Sidewall
    Out of Stock
  17. Endeavor™ 13’ Sidewall with Vinyl Window
    Starting at Total price: $274.00
  18. Floor Decal, 8"x18" Rectangle
    Out of Stock
  19. Endeavor™ 13’ Mid-Zip Sidewall
    Starting at Total price: $209.00
  20. Floor Decal, 4"x24" Rectangle
    Out of Stock
  21. Endeavor™ Vinyl Mid-Zip with Ground Flap
    Starting at Total price: $219.00
  22. Window Cling, 36"x48" Rectangle
    Out of Stock
  23. Window Cling, 18"x24" Rectangle
    Out of Stock
  24. Window Cling, 24"x36" Rectangle
    Out of Stock
  25. Window Cling, 12"x18" Rectangle
    Out of Stock
  26. Floor Decal, 15" Octagon
    Out of Stock
    Floor Decal, 15" Octagon
    Total price: $32.00
  27. Floor Decal, 17" Square
    Out of Stock
    Floor Decal, 17" Square
    Total price: $32.00
  28. Hanging Banners - Custom Double Sided
    Starting at Total price: $167.00
  29. Blade Flag
    Out of Stock
  30. Slim Blade Flag
    Out of Stock
Grid List

Items 1-36 of 62

Set Descending Direction