NEW Endeavor™ MAX Canopy

Protection to the MAX! Introducing the NEW Endeavor™ MAX Canopy with an 11' max head clearance and dynamic flex rods for enhanced wind and rain resistance.

Summer Is Coming - Your Heat Stress Prevention Guide

Stay cool and protected with E-Z UP® canopy tents & sidewalls. As the Summer season approaches, prioritizing protection against heat stress for outdoor activities becomes essential, especially with the relentless sun and scorching heat.

Find Your Perfect Canopy

Looking for your perfect canopy? Take the quiz to find the best fit for you. E-Z UP offers a wide range of canopy options for just about every use. Take this quick 5-question quiz to find the E-Z UP® canopy that's best for YOU.

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Small Business

E-Z UP has numerous types of tents for small businesses that can be customized to your business needs. Whether you plan for a festival or a trade show, E-Z UP's design center can customize it with your brand, logo, or message. Some of our bestselling E-Z UP tents for small businesses include:

1. ES100S™ Shelter Value Pack Tent

The ES100S™ Shelter Value Pack tent has a beautiful design that any business can use. You don't have to fret if you are a farmer and have to attend a farmers' market. The tent has a modern design and can fit in small spaces. You can turn this tent into a small concession stand, which makes it a hit with entrepreneurs and local businesses that need to sell food and drinks at outdoor festivals and fairs.

2. Express™ 10' x 10' Aluminum Shelter Tent

The Express™ 10'x10' Aluminum Shelter tent is a light aluminum shelter that can easily handle heavy workloads. This canopy is the newest addition to the E-Z UP line of products. The tent's hexagonal legs and high-quality components make it perfect for small businesses. It has enough shaded area (100 sq. feet) to carry out your activities, shielded from the elements. The bolt-on top ensures that water runs off when it rains. The tent comes with a five-year warranty.

3. Vantage™ Shelter Tent

The Vantage™ Shelter tent comes in five vibrant colors and two sizes. The tent is elegantly modern, durable, and portable. The Vantage has a design that makes it customizable, and our graphics team can customize it with any brand, message, or logo of your choice. The package includes a folding frame, fabric top, Spike Kit, and Roller Bag with Sure-Grip handles for easier portability. The tent has a three-year warranty and stands out at any event.

Pyramid™ 10' x 10' Shelter Tent

The Pyramid­™ 10'x10' Shelter tent boasts a robust powder-coated steel frame and end caps that ensure more durability. This tent also has a three-year warranty and seven colors to choose from. The shaded hundred- square feet area is enough for your business activities during festivals or trade fairs and protects you from rain, wind, and sun. The roller bag makes it easier to transport the load to and from any location.

5. Vista™ Shelter Tent

The Vista™ Shelter tent is for small businesses and is available in ten and twelve feet. You get 64 or 81 square feet of shaded space, a folding frame, fabric top, Spike Kit, and roller bag. The Vista is ideal for sports events, food fairs, etc. It comes with a three-year guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

6. E-Z UP® Exclusive: Event Shelter Tent

The E-Z UP® Exclusive: Event Shelter Tent is one of our best event shelter tents. It comes with a special design and other features unique to this tent. You also get a straight-leg steel and aluminum frame and a ceiling with cross-trusses, making it more secure and providing more versatility. It's ideal for festivals, outdoor fairs, or trade shows. The 100-square feet of shade will protect you from the elements, and it can come customized for use with one wall or a full enclosure. The shelter includes three side walls, a roller bag for easy transportation, a four-piece spike kit, and a mid-zip sidewall. A UV-resistant top provides you with protection from the sun and a three-year warranty.

As an industry leader in tents for small businesses, we understand what it takes to make instant, easy-to-use, innovative solutions. We give the utmost attention to detail and offer award-winning in-house printing and exemplary service, which makes our products highly trusted and used by Fortune 500 companies. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free replacement parts for one year on all professional products.

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  1. Pyramid™ Vented Canopy
    Pyramid™ Vented Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $280.00
  2. Speed Shelter® 8' x 12' Canopy
    Speed Shelter® 8' x 12' Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $637.00
  3. Endeavor™ Vinyl Canopy
    Endeavor™ Vinyl Canopy
    Starting at Total price: $1,405.00
  4. Endeavor™ 10' x 20' Canopy
    Endeavor™ 10' x 20' Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $1,870.00
  5. E-Z UP® Exclusive: Event Canopy
    E-Z UP® Exclusive: Event Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $343.00
  6. Mobile Privacy Canopy
    Mobile Privacy Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $343.00
  7. Express™ 10' x 10' Aluminum Canopy
    Out of Stock
  8. Vista™ Canopy
    Vista™ Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $149.00
  9. Pyramid™ 10' x 10' Canopy
    Pyramid™ 10' x 10' Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $259.00
  10. Vantage™ Canopy
    Vantage™ Canopy
    Special Price Total price: $319.00
  11. ES100S™ Canopy Value Pack
    ES100S™ Canopy Value Pack
    Special Price Total price: $299.00
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