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The Original E-Z UP® Blog

Tips on How to Revive Your Canopy Tent | E-Z UP®

A canopy tent is something you wouldn't leave behind when going on a camping trip. A canopy tent protects you from the elements, lets you appreciate nature, and allows you to enjoy quality time with your family. After being in storage for months, you want to ascertain that your canopy tent is in good working condition for a camping adventure as spring approaches. Here are some pointers for reviving your canopy tent and getting it ready for camping.

3 months ago

10 Benefits of Canopy Tents for Schools

Schools are always looking for ways to improve parent, teacher, and student satisfaction and performance. But this lofty goal can sometimes lead administrators to overlook simple solutions, such as custom school canopy tents.

4 months ago

Picking Out the Perfect Beach Tent

A trip to the beach is the kind of thing family legends are made of. But have you ever settled on the sand with your family and wanted a little shade or shelter? 

Could there be a lightweight, easy way to set up a shaded base camp on your spot at the beach?

E-Z UP has the answer.

6 months ago

What Should I Look for in a Pop-Up Canopy?

You've probably seen pop-up canopies for sale online or in big box stores. Maybe in shopping for a canopy, you've considered purchasing one as an option for your outdoor hosting activities, or perhaps you've looked at these low-cost canopies as a possible solution for an event set up for your business.

6 months ago

American-Made Canopy Tents | E-Z UP

When it comes to canopy tents, quality counts. E-Z UP offers premium shelters assembled in Southern California from American-made canopy tent materials. 

6 months ago

Which Tent Is Right For Your Business

Canopy tents are suitable for large gatherings and outdoor events. But there are various aspects that you should be aware of to determine the type of tent you need.

6 months ago

The Best Pop Up Tents for Easy Set-UP and Tear Down

E-Z UP® tents are high-quality shelters that are set up and torn down in a breeze, and they're made from high-quality materials that protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Let's look at some of the best E-Z UP® tents on the market to ensure that your next event is a raging success.

6 months ago

Which Top Rated Tent For Tailgating Should You Choose?

There's nothing quite like a tailgate party. Good food, good friends, and a great game, what could be better? While you truly don't need much to have a tailgate party, your setup can take your party from good to great. There are many things to consider: Your cooking setup, beverages, and entertainment.

7 months ago

Which Canopy Tent Model and Size Is Best For Me | E-Z UP

The number of Americans opting to spend time outdoors is on the rise. An impressive 7.1 million more people in the US took part in outdoor recreation in 2020. 

The quality of your outdoor event depends on how well you prepare for it. Packing the right tent can make for a truly exceptional outdoor experience. 

But what kind of canopy tent should you choose? What size and model should you go for? This guide helps take the guesswork out of the game.

9 months ago

Do Canopy Tents Need Sidewalls?

One of our clients' most frequently asked questions has always been, are tent sidewalls necessary? The short answer is YES. A sidewall is a must-have tent accessory, as it protects your shelter from wind and rain damage. It also helps to keep you dry if you're camping in the open or under an overhang. Without sidewalls, your tent would be exposed to the elements, and you'd have no protection from unfavorable weather.

Still not convinced yet? No worries! We've prepared this short yet comprehensive resource to share additional benefits and uses of top-quality canopy tent sidewalls. So please keep scrolling, and you'll discover that having your canopy tent secured by a sidewall is not a question for debate.  

9 months ago