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Perfect For School Campuses of all Sizes

E-Z UP - The #1 Pop Up Tent Brand

Why Schools Need E-Z UP® Custom Canopy Tents

Many school events and activities happen outside of the classroom, and keeping students and staff comfortable and organized is easy with E-Z UP® custom canopy tents.

As an industry leader, our portable canopies are designed to set up quickly and easily to provide a convenient and versatile solution for campus events large or small. With durable construction and quality materials, all E-Z UP® canopy tents provide UPF 50+ sun protection with 99% blockage of harmful UV rays. Multiple sizes and configurations are available to help make any school event safe and fun.

Our award-winning printing and custom graphics make outdoor shelters for schools welcoming and functional while expressing your school pride. With fast turnaround time, state-of-the-art custom printing capabilities, and a wide range of products perfectly suited to serve the needs of schools of all sizes, E-Z UP is your go-to solution for custom canopies and school event essentials.

Create spaces that inspire school spirit and fit every situation

Canopy Tents For Supply Curriculum Pickup

School Sports, Assemblies & Spirit Events

E-Z UP® canopy tents are essential for school campuses, providing versatile sun and weather protection for sports, assemblies, fundraisers, and school events. With fire safety certified fabrics and UPF 50+ coatings to protect against harmful UV rays, our portable pop-up tents are engineered to ensure the safety and comfort of students and staff during outdoor activities year-round.

Food Distribution

Food Distribution

It's become clear throughout the pandemic that schools aren't just educational facilities; they provide many other community services, and one of the most important is food service. Many school dining services expanded to address the nutritional needs of their students both at school and at home. Outdoor canopies for schools can create a space for efficient onsite food pickup or a preparation and logistics area for organizing deliveries. E-Z UP portable canopies provide protection from weather elements when food is involved.

Distancing and Crowd Management

Crowd Management

Crowd Management Schools need to maintain ways to manage crowds during the school day and for special events. Whether it's students waiting to come in first thing in the morning, or others waiting for their ride home at the end of the day, sheltered outdoor spaces will help create safe waiting areas where students can stay comfortable. Schools may hold a larger space for students for spirit events or assemblies with the right outdoor solutions.

Extreme Weather Safety

Weather Safety

If students and faculty need to be outdoors during high heat, wind, or even light rain, the right canopy and sidewalls will make all the difference in providing protection and comfort from the elements. E-Z UP custom canopies with sidewalls help keep students and staff comfortable and safe with shade, UV-protection, and protection from light rain to help create a safe educational environment.

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