E-Z UP Designer Center FAQ

Have a question about the E-Z UP Dezign Center? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most common questions we get at E-Z UP, and if you still have questions you can contact us anytime.


What is the E-Z UP Dezign Center?

The E-Z UP Dezign Center is a tool created for you to make your very own custom product designs on numerous products that we offer. Whether you are a business owner, coach, parent, teacher, coordinator or volunteer, this is a tool to bring your ideas and visions to life. Use one of our stock art files and logos or upload your own.

Do you offer any special pricing program for service members, schools, or non-profit organizations?

E-Z UP is proud to support active and retired service members, schools and non-profit organizations. Please visit https://www.ezup.com/prograde/serve to learn more or contact us at 1-800-45-SHADE to have your discount applied to your account!

How do I get started?

It’s E-Z! Just select the E-Z UP® product that best fits your needs. If you have questions or need assistance in selecting the best product for you, let’s chat or call 1-800-45-SHADE and speak to a design specialist.

How do I design my custom product?

Once you've selected a product, use the E-Z UP Dezign Center to customize. When you’re finished, select "Preview Design” to make sure your custom product looks just right. At this point, you can go back and make any necessary changes. The next step is adding your one-of-a-kind product to your shopping cart. Your custom product also can be saved in “My Designs” and shared with others via social media or email.

Artwork Requirements

How can I make sure my shelter fabric color is the exact color I want?

Please provide a pantone color code. For questions on color options, let’s chat or you can call 1-800-45-SHADE for assistance.

How do I know if my graphics are acceptable for print?

Click here to review our Artwork Requirements. Still have questions, no worries. Send your artwork to Artonline@ezup.com. We will have our expert design team check the file and provide feedback on print quality or logo size restrictions.

What graphics or personalized message restrictions are there?

We accept most designs, but there are some logos or graphics we don’t have the right to use. We also review designs for inappropriate content and reserve the right to decline a design. If your design is unacceptable, your order will be canceled and you will be notified via email.

My Order

How long does it take to print my custom order?

All DEZIGN Center orders are processed within 2 business days. Once the E-Z UP® Custom DEZIGN team approves the artwork, please allow 10 – 12 business days for custom production. Once your DEZIGN Center order is shipped, we will email you your tracking information.

How do I track my custom order?

We will send you an automated email with the tracking number once it ships. We know you’re excited, so if you want to check on where your product is in the shipping process give us a call and we will provide an update.

How do I reorder a custom shelter top?

Your design will be saved in your “Recent Orders.” If you are having trouble finding it, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we will place the order for you.

Can you decline my custom order?

We are excited to provide you with a top-quality custom product. We accept most designs, but there are some logos or other graphics we don’t have the right to use. We also review designs for inappropriate content and reserve the right to decline a design. If your design is unacceptable, your order will be canceled and you will be notified via email.

How do I cancel my order?

We understand things come up, and you might need to cancel your order. Give us a call to see where your order is in the printing process. Once your order is in production, it cannot be canceled.

How do I return or exchange my custom order?

Give us a call. We will need to approve your return and provide a return authorization number.

I only received one item, where is the rest?

We want to get you your products as soon as possible! Orders ship as soon as the items become available. If you are still missing an item after the expected delivery date, give us a call and we will make it right!

My tracking information shows as delivered, but I have not received my package?

No need to panic yet! Please contact the freight company to confirm with the driver where the package was delivered. If the shipping company is unable to locate your package, give us a call with the shipping claim number

Design Services

What if I don’t have a graphic of my logo to upload?

We’ve got you covered! We have a built-in library of logos you can choose from on our web designer. If you still aren’t seeing what you need, give us a call and speak with a custom design specialist.

Can someone help me design my shelter? And what does it cost?

We have an expert design team ready to help you! We offer one hour of free artwork preparation so we can transform your raw images into high-quality vector artwork that will look great on your product.

Does E-Z UP review my custom order before it prints for quality assurance?

We review every aspect of your order to make sure it meets your expectations as well as ours. Our expert graphic design team will review your design. If anything needs fixing, we will email you with a few options to correct your order. You can choose one of those options or ask for changes. We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied!

Can you just do it for me?

Of course we can! We have custom design specialist ready to help. Please call 1-800-45-SHADE for assistance.

Worry-Free Guarantee

Will my custom design print just as I envision it?

We want to not only meet but exceed your expectations! We will print your shelter as shown on the web designer. But if you are worried about colors or quality, give us a call at 1-800-45-SHADE so we can print a fabric swatch for your review.

What if my custom order is not what I expected?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. Give us a call at 1-800-45-SHADE and we will make it right!

What is the E-Z UP® return policy?

We are committed to superior products and happy customers. You can review our return policy here.

Are there any special instructions for the care and maintenance of my custom order?

You have taken the time to customize your product, so make sure you take the time to take care of it! We have included an owner’s manual with your product. If you are unable to locate your owner’s manual in the package, you can find it here.

Using the Dezign Center

How can I create and save my designs?

Refer to our step-by-step guide for instructions on how to make your brand stand out.

How do I save a design to my designs?

Make sure you are signed into your my account and click on the blue save design button.

Can I use any logo in My Design?

Legally we can welcome logos that you or your designer have permission to use. Trademarked logos will be reviewed, and you may be contacted to confirm permission of use. If at any time a trademarked logo is used and printed, E-Z UP® hold no responsibility and will not be held liable. However, we offer hundreds of logos and designs you can use to create your own custom product.

Will I receive rendition proof to review?

Yes, upon completing your order, an E-Z UP Design Team member will review your design and email you a rendition proof for approval, as well as anything else we would like to bring attention to before proceeding.

Can I share my design?

Yes, of course in the E-Z UP Dezign Center, click the red share or email button and send your design to a friend, colleague, or family member via email or social media.

I don’t have a high-resolution image for print.

An E-Z UP design specialist is here for you and understands that not all artwork and logos may be available in high resolution files that are necessary for quality print. We are happy to provide a design service for you. Please chat, email us at Artonline@ezup.com or you can call 1-800-45-SHADE for assistance.

When would I want to use the Graphic Effects on my image?

Graphic effects are used to adjust certain aspects of the image you are using on your shelter. Change the image to black and white or change the image to a different color completely. Also, if your image has a white background you can remove this to let the shelter color come through.

How do I see my saved shelter designs?

There are two areas that will show your saved designs. Go to My Account, on the left side click on the My Saved Designs option. Also, while in the Dezign Center there is a button on the left side between Graphics and Note called My Designs that will display your saved designs.

How do I edit a saved design?

From the Dezign Center click on the My Design icon on the left side. Find the file you wish to edit and click the image. At the bottom right of the pop-up window is an Apply button. This will retrieve your saved design allowing you to edit any portion. Note: this will replace the current shelter in your design view, if you wish to retain that design please save it prior to retrieving a save design.

Why did my price change when I set my color for my frame to the last aluminum color?

The final aluminum color sample in the frame section is actual an upgrade to a 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame.

Can I copy only the graphics from one side of the shelter to another side without affecting the color?

To use the Copy Design button under the design you will copy all color, text, and graphics to the side(s) selected. It will depend on your design if it is easier to use a graphic from My Art on the other side or to copy the design and then readjust the color back.

How do I upload my own art?

Select Upload Graphics within the designer while in ‘Add New Graphic’.

Let us know where you are getting your art from: your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, or Flickr. Accepted file types with a Max file size of 10MB: .AI, .EPS, .PDF, .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF can be uploaded.

Click here to see Artwork requirements for any questions about your file. Please ensure you have the right to use any image or Trademark you upload.

To see previously uploaded graphics, select ‘My Art’ while in ‘Add New Graphic’. Images uploaded to the Designer will be listed. To upload a Print Ready Image, select either ‘Upload Print Ready Image’ or “Print Ready’ next to the graphics. A pop-up will appear and allow you to browse your computer for your image to upload.

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