E-Z UP Designer Center Step-by-Step Guide

Congratulations on deciding to design your own Shelter. Let’s get started!

Sign in or create an account.

Step 1

Go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Sign In’ to your account if you have account already setup.

If you do not have an account select ‘Create an Account’ button and continue to the next steps.

Step 2

Fill-in all required fields (having a red asterisk). Then press the ‘Create An Account’ button on the bottom.

Create your new Custom Designed Shelter!

Step 1

Press the blue ‘Personalize’ button.

Step 2

Pick your color for the Peak.

Step 3

Pick your color for the Valance.

Step 4

Pick your color for the Frame.

Step 5

Add Text to your Shelter Top. Press ‘Add New Text’.

A. Type your text here.
B. Select the font to use.
C. Select characteristics. (Bold, Italic, Horizontal Align, Vertical Align, Color, & Stroke Color)
D. Move and size your Text.

Step 6

Add Graphic to your Shelter Top. Press ‘Add New Graphic’.

A. Use Stock Art.
B. Use My Art. (previously uploaded graphics)
C. Use Upload Graphics. (Options Computer, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, or Flickr)
D. Move and size your Graphics.

Step 7

Change the look of the graphic image. Select the ‘Graphic Effects’ tab.

A. Remove Background
B. Black and White
C. Graphic Color

Remove Background allows you to remove the white background on your graphics in part or whole. If no adjustment is wanted on the graphic select None.

Black and White will change a color graphic to black and white or enhance a black and white graphic according to the Threshold Value selected.

Graphic Color is used to change the color of the graphic. (This option would be used if your graphic is monochromatic.) Choose from Swatch Colors or Advanced Colors.

Step 8

Design the other sides of your Shelter by changing the tab at the top of the window or copy your design to one or more sides using the ‘Copy Design’ button.

Step 9

Select the green ‘Preview Design’ button under your image to see your new custom shelter. The tabs at the top of the pop-up allow a view of each side.

Step 10

Share your new design. Use Email or Share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest).

Step 11

Save your design before you add it to your Cart.

Step 12

Add a note to your order with additional information or instructions for our design group. All designs are reviewed by our staff prior to production.

Step 13

Add your new Custom Designed Shelter to your Cart.

Step 14

Review and Approve your final design.

Step 15

Final Steps! Once you are ready to complete your purchase of your newly designed Custom Shelter, press the ‘Secure Checkout’ button. Congratulations!


Your Custom Printed Shelter is displayed in the cart as two separate line items due to the Custom Top and Shelter Frame shipping separately.

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