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5 Restart Tips For Every Small Business

5 Restart Tips For Every Small Business

Most businesses have been seriously impacted by this pandemic, and small businesses have taken the hardest hit. Despite stimulus packages and relief measures, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are left asking, “what now?” Adapting to this unanticipated “new normal” will be challenging. Push forward and find a path to growth. These easy to execute tips will get your creative juices flowing.

1. Clean-Up Your Digital Footprint

Many businesses were caught off-guard by the Covid-19 related regulations and forced closures, none of us were sure how long this would all last. Certainly, we didn’t anticipate this “new normal” right away. As a result, a lot of online information our customers rely on about our businesses is out of date or missing key details. Your customers are researching your website and search engines to find out the status of their favorite local establishments. Make sure you’re not just updating hours, but also calling attention to any and all steps you’re taking to care for their wellbeing with services like employee screening and health checks, delivery, curbside pick-up, private appointments or reduced capacity.

2. Digital is Dope, but Analog will Amaze

Yes, you've focused on nothing but email and search for the last several years, but we all just got knocked back a few decades. Your customers are looking for a personal touch to help offset their social distancing requirements. Try sending a postcard or flyer to get their attention and remind them that their favorite local business is still there to service them in ways they might have forgotten.

3. Everyone’s Unsure of Next Steps – Take the Guesswork Out

As we all start to get back out into the world and visit our favorite shops and restaurants, it will be natural to be apprehensive about physical safety. Take the time to really re-think your space and appreciate how your customers will interact going forward. Clearly and professionally printed window decals, floor clings, and barriers with directions will give them confidence that you took the extra effort to consider not just governmental regulations, but their concerns and feelings.

4. Your Employees and Customers Faces May Be Masked – Be Their Voice

It can be hard for your employees and customers to advocate for social distancing. If as businesses we all ignore that one person who breaks the rules – won't wear a mask if asked, honor the six feet distance – it's difficult for others to stand up for themselves while at your location. Make sure you're protecting everyone’s health and safety. Visibly posted guidelines and well-thought-out signs and messaging will help your customers feel safe and protected. And make sure your employees are reminding customers to follow those guidelines.

5. Collabs Work for the Big Brands, Make Them Work for You

There are tons of local businesses around you in the same boat – years of credibility with your customer and looking to stay in the fight. A curbside pick-up package that’s dinner for two from your restaurant and a dozen roses from the flower shop next door. You could even partner with a local non-profit. Let your customers know you’re donating a package to the local hospital for every ten bought at your store. The possibilities are as endless as your entrepreneurial spirit. Connect and co-market. If your customers can kill two birds with one stone, they’ll thank you for the creativity; they’ll benefit and so will two businesses or organizations!

E-Z UP also offers a Small Business Restart Program to help you get started. The program includes a $500 Credit toward qualifying Small Business Packages, special discounts on stock E-Z UP shelters and accessories, a dedicated Small Business Hotline available seven days a week, 6-month no-interest financing through PayPal Credit, free shipping on all orders, and a free Window Cling and Hanging Banner with qualifying purchase. You can get information about E-Z UP’s Small Business Restart Program at https://www.ezup.com/small-business-support-program or by calling (855) 719-3987

2 years ago
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