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By Graham McCulloch
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Co-owners and sisters Jennifer Nap and Kathryn Nap of Two Saucy Broads Pizza and Beer Parlor haven’t had the opportunity to operate much of a “parlor” for several months now.  June marks their pizzeria’s nine-year anniversary, so they may have survived the “seven-year itch”, but that was nothing compared to the challenges 2020 brought small businesses. 


Like all restaurants over the last few months, they’ve had to close the dining room, but luckily pizza and delivery are a natural combination.  Plenty of businesses would have stopped there, right?  But this joint was aptly named by and for it’s co-founders, and so the “Two Saucy Broads” were proactive from day one with new menu items, aggressive digital strategy, and curbside pickup under their full-bleed, digitally printed E-Z UP® shelter which started going up out front every day. 


Jennifer and Kathryn invited us to sit down for a few minutes between meal-time rushes so we could see their operation and find out why being “saucy” might be the smartest thing a small business can be right now. 



E-Z UP: How did you both get into the pizza business?  What was the start of Two Saucy Broads?


JENNIFER: Well, we were looking to work together, so we started looking for a failing business in Orange County we could buy, and we found a chain pizzeria here in Fullerton, not this location, it was our old location.  We just took over the lease, the phone number, and the equipment, and that’s how we got started.


KATHRYN: We shut it down, we cleaned it, we re-branded it and six weeks later we reopened on the fly.  We’d both been unemployed at the time because we’d been working for the same company and it went under, and we just jumped at this.  Before that, I’d always been in food service or bars, so this made sense.


JENNIFER: We always wanted to do our own thing.  It’s perfect.  We have a great relationship.  We are exactly the same, but we’re also “yin and yang” in term of what we’re good at, so we can each handle different things within the business.


KATHRYN: But our approach to a problem is usually the same.


E-Z UP: How long have you been in business?


KATHRYN: We have our nine-year anniversary next week!


E-Z UP: Congratulations!


JENNIFER: Thank you.


E-Z UP: Outside of the obvious, in what ways has your business been impacted since the pandemic started?


KATHRYN: We’ve had trouble finding supplies, including to-go boxes, containers because everyone switched to that as their only business.  But also, ingredients have been harder to come by.  Managing our employees pay and schedule.


E-Z UP: Now that regulations are starting to change, how are you both preparing for next steps?


JENNIFER: Restaurants have been allowed to reopen, and all around town you see signs that say “REOPEN” restaurant-wise, but we’ve been holding back because our employees are still concerned, they’re still worried, and we always err on the side of the “Most Concerned Broads”, so we’ve been waiting to see how things go before we reopen our dining area because we want to do it right.


E-Z UP: Have there been any unforeseen positives that you’ve discovered or have come out of shutdown?


JENNIFER: We’ve always known that our team is very resilient, we have an amazing “pizza family” here at Two Saucy Broads, I will say that.  We have a great community here in Fullerton too.


KATHRYN: Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful relationships come out of this with our customers, we get emails of support.  And with our crew, it’s the same thing.  At first, we were concerned that maybe everyone might call out on the same day, but everyone covers for each other and works as team. But like I said, Jennifer said, we already knew what a great pizza family we had.


E-Z UP:  Is there anything you’ve learned about your business that you’re taking into the future that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried if it weren’t for this unforeseen obstacle?


JENNIFER: We started making lasagna.


KATHRYN: We started making other pasta and food options. It feels like everything is on the table right now, so we’ve been trying to stop thinking the old way, to start completely from scratch, and decide how we want to move forward.


E-Z UP:  What advice do you have for other small businesses that are looking to keep the ovens hot, just like you are?


KATHRYN: Listen to your employees, listen to your customers, assume that one idea or complaint is the same as fifteen, so you have an idea of what’s going on and what do to next.  Most people won’t tell you what they think, they’ll just disappear.  There are no rules right now, so you’ve got to pivot.


JENNIFER: Everything is new, everything is different.  You need fresh eyes.

Two Saucy Broads is located at 108 S Highland Ave, in Fullerton, California.  You can order online at www.twosaucybroadspizza.com or by phone by calling 714-525-3100.  Until the dining room opens back up, they’ll deliver, or you can pick up your pizza (or some of their new lasagna!) right under their yellow and white striped, custom printed E-Z UP!  Say hi for us. 


E-Z UP is also offering support for small businesses like Two Saucy Broads. To learn more about our Small Business Restart Program, go to https://www.ezup.com/small-business-restart-program or call (855) 719-3987.

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